All About Me

My Picture:
My Name:
Carla Jean Neal
My Nickname:
Things I Love to Do:
  1. Run
  2. Garden
  3. Get Outdoors

Things I'm Good at:
  1. Reading and Writing
  2. Organizational Management
  3. Being a friend and mother

Things I Care Most About:
  1. People, my family and friends
  2. Steward of the Earth
  3. Making a good living that I am passionate about

My Favorite Book:
Pearl S Buck, The Good Earth
My Favorite Movie:
Momma Mia
My Favorite Food:
Italian Pasta and Pesto
My Favorite Color: shade of blue

My Favorite Place:
The High Sierra Nevada

My Favorite Sport:
Biking and Running

Something Else You Should Know About Me:
I started a biofuel business.