All About Me

My Picture:CG_SmithRiver2010.jpg

My Name: Catherine Green

My Nickname: Go Green!

Things I Love to Do:
  1. Dance
  2. Be in nature
  3. Travel in other countries and be among other cultures

Things I'm Good at:
  1. Teaching online and supporting others to do so
  2. Professional development

Things I Care Most About:
  1. Planet Earth
  2. Community

My Favorite Book: A. Fadigan, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down ( cross cultural miscommunications between Hmong epileptic child and her American doctors)
My Favorite Movie: Chocolat

My Favorite Food: Any little stuffed thing (ravioli, empanadas, pierogi, etc)

My Favorite Color: Green

My Favorite Place: Redwood forests

My Favorite Sport: Dance

Something Else You Should Know About Me: Performed on Turkish national TV with a Turkish folkdance ensemble

What You Are Hoping to Learn Today: Best Practices / Lesson Learns about Growing and Sustaining an Online Community of Practice (support development of a few that use Ning - social networks for CA adult educators)


Strengthfinders or Colorcoders - personality test - buy book with code in back, go online & take online test; helps identify areas of interest, capability, etc - pursue your passion
Turadg Aleahmad - done deep research on social networking

Web 2 --about sharing - upload

Web 3 -- latter serves us up info based on its tracking of you and thinking you'd like this. (Google & Facebook know a LOT more about you than even your spouse!)

Presentation - Steve H on "10 Things I Learned about Social Networking" (e-mailed for it on 6/17/11)

NPR interview - kids who got into Princeton, Harvard, etc. --kids were doing stuff they really care about not just jumping through hoops with AP courses, etc.

Steve H - Public series of webinars on social networking