All About Me

My Picture:roxanne.jpg

My Name: Gini Pierce-Cummings

My Nickname:Hot Girl, this is an ironic nickname

Things I Love to Do:
  1. Read
  2. Teach/Collaborize
  3. Hang w/my Family

Things I'm Good at:
  1. teaching/listening
  2. making people feel comfortable
  3. organization

Things I Care Most About:
  1. My Faith
  2. My Family
  3. My Focus

My Favorite Book: The Bible and Pride and Prejudice

My Favorite Movie: Super 8

My Favorite Food: seafood

My Favorite Color: orange

My Favorite Place: my reading chair in my living room

My Favorite Sport: anything in which my kids participate

Something Else You Should Know About Me: I have a tattoo that reads Credendo Vides, which means By Believing, One Sees

Twitter Handle: @gpiercecummings