Building Your "Personal Learning Network" (PLN)
  • What is the definition? Personal rather than professional. Choice
  • How do the new tools change this?
  • Practical (who can demonstrate)
      • RSS can be confusing. (Really Simple Syndication). RSS allows readers to aggregate (to collect) information without having to visit every website you're interested in. The organization who create that site (or page) allows their information to be grouped into one single place (ie. to be aggregated.)
      • eg. If I follow Carole and Peter on their website, then I can go to my RSS reader and see what's new. With two people, it's not that hard. If you're interested in 30 blogs, you don't want to visit 30 blogs everyday. A RSS reader allows you to scan and read from all these aggregated sites in one place.

    • Readers/ Aggregators / RSS / Examples