Personal web presence - PWP = digital footprint= digital profile =

Why should we create one? We are already there- if we don't create- someone else will

EXAMPLES from this room

Baranduda blog-google site eportfolios = free- easy to use

not mind having world look over your shoulder
willing to let others see professional life

SH getting over feeling egotistical- but needed a place to collect useful links about self

What advice would you give to students?

  • Better to have a site created by you
  • What would you like to share about yourself on a personal/professional level?
  • think about the purpose- social/educational
  • think about online privacy

You are going to create your own page about you
Fearful? answer think about showing on your siteHow people know you can help them

Q: How do you manage the info you share- what are you representing? Self? Work? Organisation
SH: Selective sharing- by invite only for example

Q: Bosses may not appreciate the offer to 'give things away'
A: A teacher who becomes an excellent online teacher can be very valued see

Q: Need time to mull over things
A: Use a pseudonym- can hide real self behind a test case to use the tool

Q: Worried about plagiarism
A: Use appropriate attitude of humility eg- not sure where I heard this, but I like the idea of...

Q: To be interesting might need to be controversial, to be controversial need to be opinionated..have ideas, substance- worried about annoying other people
A: This may be a strange answer but there is so much on the web- maybe no-one will see it...also doesn't need to be a blog.. can just be a central spot

RESOURCES- sites to use